DCC Orange 7073 is a clean bright yellow shade orange pigment with excellent chemical and weatherfastness. It has excellent heat resistance and resistance to overcoat bleed....
DCC Yellow 1252EE is a bright red shade yellow with exceptional hiding power. Its high hiding power coupled with high tinting strength and relatively low cost provides superior value in use to lower the costs of formulation.
Latest updates on Dominion Colour's REACH submissions.
Monteith is a leading manufacturer of specialized aqueous & solvent based dispersions, specialty coatings, and digital inks.
Gemini Dispersions Ltd, a subsidiary of Dominion Colour Corporation, bridges the gap between the vertically integrated giants of the pigment sector and the small local colour houses. The range of products manufactured and sold comprises aqueous and solvent-based pigment dispersions, dispersions in plasticisers and polyols and some raw materials. In addition, Gemini provides a range of toll manufacturing services.